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Don’t Escape – Greenlight!

Published on March 12, 2017, by in Games.

To keep it short – Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland is on Steam Greenlight! And now more than ever I need your support – I’d be really grateful for your YES votes.

Check it out:

If you haven’t seen the promised trailer yet (whoops, looks like I forgot to post it here! That’s why I urged you to follow my Twitter and/or Facebook for always up-to-date news) – you can see it in its full pixelated glory right on the Greenlight page.

As I’m typing these words it’s 3rd day of Greenlight. I think we’re doing fine so far, but it’s still a long way ahead.

Also – I guess I have to explain, the game is NOT ready to release yet. However, with the official info of Greenlight closing down this spring, together with the publisher (Armor Games Studios) we decided to take it as a sign that there’s no time like the present and show our game to the gamers of Steam.

Right now we need your votes! So don’t hesitate! Vote yes! Tell your friends to vote! (just don’t be too insistent, nobody likes that) and keep your fingers crossed :)

Other news – I’m finally going to have a proper internet later this month, which means we can finally get around to that dev Stream I promised ;)

Stay tuned!


Don’t Escape – news

Published on January 30, 2017, by in Games.

Don't EscapeWhoa, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on this site! I’m sorry for the lack of updates here – hopefully you’ve been following me on the social media because frankly speaking I’m much more active there.

Anyway – I’m still working on Don’t Escape. And while I’m not going to announce any release date just yet, there are some things I can tell you that you might not know.

The game has its own website that you should check out – www.dont-escape.com

Also, there is a dedicated Facebook page for Don’t Escape worth following for all the newest updates!


So, what happens in the nearest future?


Stay tuned for the first official Don’t Escape trailer!

The game is in production for almost a year now, I think it’s a good moment to show something to the world. If you don’t already know the plot/theme of the new game it’ll be a perfect opportunity to catch up. It’ll also feature some of the latest gameplay footage. The trailer should be published sometime during the following month.


I’m considering a video stream of me working on the game.

Yeah this is a surprise even for myself, but I feel like doing it – and people responses both on Twitter and Facebook were really encouraging.

To help me decide what should I actually stream I have run a simple poll:

…and it seems like I’ll be streaming some artwork/assets creation process on air. I also was leaning towards this rather than coding on air because 1) coding is not that visually attractive 2) my code is always a shameful mess 3) I’m still learning Unity so I wouldn’t be able to answer any serious questions you might have.
The video stream date is currently unknown, but it is likely to happen only after my internet provider installs a proper access at my new place (I’ve been stuck with mobile data connection since the last year, imagine that).


Don’t Escape will be presented during 2 major gaming events/fairs in Poland this year

If you happen to live in Poland and will be attending any of the following events (or you’re considering coming to Poland for one of those!), make sure to come by and say hi:

Digital Dragons 22-23 May 2017, Krakow

Poznań Game Arena 8-10 October 2017, Poznań

There’s also Pixel Heaven in Warsaw (26-27 May) but as of now I can’t confirm if I’ll be there with my game. I’ll let you know ASAP.


There you have it. All the latest updates in one big chunk.

There will be more details on all the above soon…  I’ll try to keep this blog updated, but it’s not the best medium for short announcements so it’s your best bet to keep an eye on Facebook and/or Twitter!

Peace out!


The Next Don’t Escape game!

Published on March 20, 2016, by in Games.

I’m really proud to announce that scriptwelder studio is joining forces with Armor Games to bring you the next Don’t Escape game!

What is it going to be about? When will it come out? How long will it be? Whoa, wait! While it’s still very early in development process and lots of things might change, I’ve got some details for you that are more or less certain:

  • The game will be developed by scriptwelder and published by Armor Games
  • Full title is yet to be announced, current working title is just “Don’t Escape”
  • Unlike all previous installments, it’s not going to be a web game.
  • Instead, we’re aiming at a full-featured game with long hours of gameplay content
  • Because of that, the developement will take some time
  • While Don’t Escape predecessors shared 1st person perspective view with static screens, the new game will feature a classic point-and-click gameplay
  • No deadline is currently set so please be patient like a Moai statue :)

Does it mean no Flash this time? Yup, Unity engine will be used for the upcoming Don’t Escape game instead of good old Flash for several technical reasons that I won’t dwell on here.

Does it mean it will land on Steam? That’s exactly the plan! Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Like on Facebook to get all the latest news!

Finally, a handful of production screenshots and a bonus Vine!

Don't Escape - dev screenshot 01

Don't Escape - dev screenshot 02

Don't Escape - dev screenshot 03