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Don’t Escape 3

Published on August 2, 2015, by in Games.

Don't Escape 3I woke up with a terrible headache, like if someone hit my head really hard. I had no idea what I didn’t like more: the fact that I woke up in the ship’s airlock or the fact that the computer was counting down to something…

Don’t Escape 3 is another installment of anti-escape games. This time you find yourself on a starship drifting in space. The rest of the crew is probably dead, however you don’t seem to be alone…

You can play the game for free on Newgrounds, Kongregate, Armor Games or other sites. Not sure if you want to play it? Go read a review on jayisgames.com! It also contains a detailed text walkthrough, if you don’t like video walkthrough that is built-in game.

The mood is tense. Ominous. Almost predatory. And you don’t have a lot of time, since the ship only has enough air left for an hour… but even with a distress call activated, you’re not in the clear, since the ship is detecting an intruder. But don’t worry. Nothing bad ever happens in space.

– jayisgames.com

Still not so eager to play it? Well you can always watch someone else – like Markiplier – play it instead:

As always, you are also welcome to create a let’s play video of Don’t Escape 3 (or any of my other games!) and monetize it on YouTube.



Don’t Escape 2

Don’t Escape 2, my latest game, is now live and available to play on Armor Games!


Don't Escape 2

When the undead attacked we weren’t ready. Thinking back, we were never fully ready for this.
The whole outbreak started over two weeks ago and it’s been getting worse ever since.
This time we’ve barely made it.
We got away, but Bill got bitten. We both knew what that meant…
We decided to stay in this abandoned building for a while. We needed to rest and sleep.
A huge horde of the living dead is coming this way…
They will reach us by the sunset.
I have to lock this place up before that happens and maybe – just maybe – I will live to see another day.

Like in part one of Don’t Escape, instead of breaking free out of the room you have to lock yourself in. This time around you are not alone – there are people around that might help you if you help them. Explore various locations and find things you will need to secure your hideout. Just be aware of the passing time… The undead horde is approaching and they won’t wait forever for you to be ready…


What’s up? My upcoming games

Published on November 24, 2014, by in Games.

Oh my it’s been a while. I knew I wasn’t good at keeping this blog thing up to date for long… Anyway if you’re reading this you’ve been probably wondering what’s up with my games and what am I currently working on.

Well if you were afraid/hoping that I gave up on making games – nope, that’s not the case. I’m currently working on not one but two titles – which is a bit unusual for me.

Don't Escape 2 - one of my upcoming games

The first game I’m making is Don’t Escape 2 – a point and click “anti-escape” game that will be in some aspects similar to the original Don’t Escape. It’s not going to be a direct sequel, so if you are a fan of werewolves I have sad information for you: Don’t Escape 2 will be something completely different – both story and setting. The one thing in common will be the general premise – which obviously is locking yourself in a place instead of usual breaking free from one. The game will be much bigger than Don’t Escape (but still smaller than, say, The Deepest Sleep) and it will involve one new mechanic that I won’t spoil just yet… I hope you’ll find it interesting and a bit refreshing. The game is mostly done, which basically means there’s still lots of work to be done :D I have all the graphics locations, most of the items/objects graphics and I’ve been working on coding the whole thing together when the 2nd project appeared like a wild Pokémon out of the tall grass…

The other game I’m working on is a collaboration between my friend and myself. It started as Point and Click Jam – one of the many jams on gamejolt.com – but at this point me and my friend are both sure we won’t make it in time (the jam’s deadline is due on 29th of November). The rules are fun and simple: make a point and click game that  will resemble the graphic style of a game from 80s/90s (LucasArts / Sierra / Delphine etc). It should look / sound / feel / play as if it is from a retro system using specific palettes. We are far from finishing it in time but instead of abandoning the project we will just carry on and finish it later – hopefully sometime in December. What can I tell you about this one? Well it’s a point and click… a classic point and click with player character that is visibly moving across screens. And it will be set in spaaaaaaaaaaace.

I guess that’s it for now. I apologize for not updating this site for so long (I know some of you have been a bit annoyed by this fact). I’ll try to keep you updated more often in the future. I guess. Hopefully.