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scriptwelderHey there, my name is Matt.

I’m 27 28 29, I live in Poland and I work as Flash Developer.

You could call me a typical nerd, I guess, because I like computers, science-fiction and fantasy and that’s what nerds like, right? But I also like to cycle and swim, so hey! I’m also sporty, yeah! Kind of.

I always wanted to create games for people to play – and Flash turned out to be a great tool for that, enabling me to deliver my thoughts to the people of the interwebz. Because of my day job I don’t have much time to develop games, sadly. Someday maybe I’ll be able to make a living of it, going full, true indie style. But currently a full-time day job seems like a more reliable and constant source of money for basic things like food and premium accounts on addicting MMO browser games. Yeah.

Tools of the trade

Because many people have been asking me what programs do I use, I’ve made a short list of useful links!


20 Responses

  1. Oswaldo

    Hey man,
    I just discovered your games, and they´re SO good!! Keep up the good work, and I´m SURE you´ll be able to make a job out of it.

  2. Roman

    Thank you for your 400 years! I have missed about 100 years in the beginning and it was really dramatic to get to the end. I’ve had only 18 years left at the finish:) It was an encredibly beatiful ending! I loved this game best of any one in the last few years. Thanks again!

  3. Traejan

    Don’t Escape Part 2 has the best vibe I’ve felt in a game in a LONG time. I love the multiple ways to beat it with varying success endings. If you decided to elaborate on this kind of game and make a longer version of it, I’d be in heaven. I found it to be more enjoyable than many major platform games.

  4. Holkjasl

    I’v had a ton of fun playing your games. Good job and keep up the good work!

  5. JeanSé

    I played and finish all your games since Deep Sleep. Thank you for the good time (during my job time ;))

  6. artykuł biurowy

    I just saw your “Deep sleep” series on Markiplier’s channel. I decided you are awesome and wanted to donate some cash (not too much but hey, money doesn’t bite) I haven’t found any, so here are my questions:
    -do you take money from randos on the Internet? (if yes, via what page)
    -will you take money from randos on the Internet?

    So there. Also if I ever meet you in person, a beverage of your choice on me.
    I honestly dunno why I wrote that in English. Signed: artykuł biurowy.

  7. Light

    whats up? i really like your work and all that stuff, and i have one question, when will you release a new game?

    now i am starting to play “Don’t Escape 2″ because i didnt know it that is has been released, hehe ^^”, so….. yeah, :P

    yeah i tried to email you and then realized that “matt at scriptwelder.com” isnt your email… xD

  8. kindra07
    Spoiler! Show
  9. LuckyDog

    Your games are great :D keep like this your very good and funny creator , wish luck from Italy :D

  10. George

    Scriptwelder you will create a paid game? Assume for Steam?

  11. WolfenSteel studio's

    I’m afraid i don’t have a working site right now, i recently started a new one
    so sorry.

    but now that’s out of the way i just wanted to say i played a few of your games and you have grate potential and talent in what you do,
    i myself make the same sort of games
    like a game i was working on called BeastxHunter
    its about a vampire hunter who is bitten and try’s to find a cure deep in a vampires castle, but i cannot finish what i started, my computer witch i was developing the game on was old and finally bit the dust a year ago,
    so if you want to and if you have the time i think that you could do my game justice
    no dont care if you want to do it or not
    but a year ago all i wanted was to finish that game

    if you have decided if you want to do it all rights to the game and credits will be yours (please Email me if you can_)

  12. D :)

    I just discovered your games… Amazing creations…
    It feels kind of nice to know that someone created something like this while living in my country.
    Good luck with chasing your dreams.

  13. David Gabuldani

    I’ve come here to say that YOU ARE AWESOME. And especially what you do, your games. I really hope that you will carry on and make even more interesting, AWESOME games ^ ____ ^

  14. lukevincent

    3 touching games, in 3 different ways
    I really like your “plot sensitivity”
    hope to see more work from you
    best regards from italy

  15. thijs gorissen

    i yust finished playing “a small talk at the back of beyond”, and i got to say, i really love it. its gamese like yours that make me want to become a game designer myselff. at the moment im training on becomming a visual artist. i hope when im done learing i might make a game with you.

    thank you for being awsome

  16. JJT

    Just wanted to say keep it up man. You’re a natural in making these flash games. All of them have been great and very interesting, such as your game A Small Talk. Really nice story and idea. I know you grabbed a lot of people’s attention with that one. Let me know when you come close to making you’re next game, and Good luck my friend.
    P.S. I really hope your next game is the sequel to Deep Sleep, that’s my favorite. And please don’t let this influence your decision as to which game you want release next. Take your time.

  17. Nuno

    I wish you good luck.
    Feel free to e-mail me if u need ideas for your next game :)

  18. Hello
    I just saw your game 400 years and I really liked the idea. I would like to make a review of it and I was also wondering if I could place it on my website.
    Also, maybe make an interview of you would be cool.
    I’m in the process of launching a new website/portal for flash games (another one) and I’m trying to bring some “side” information to it like interviews, reviews, etc…

    tell me what you think
    and congrats for your game, it’s a really cool idea


    ps: sorry for posting that here, I just couldn’t find any email of yours…

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