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Armor Games – Games of the Year contest

Published on January 3, 2014, in Games.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been away celebrating Christmas/New Year so this is a bit late news, but I’ll just leave it here as a brief note to let you guys know.

Just before Christmas, 3 of my games were nominated for Armor Games’ Games of the Year contest, Adventure Game category.

Armor Games - Games of the Year - Adventure Games

I have to say I am EXTREMELY flattered simply by the fact of getting not one but THREE nominated titles – meaning that half of the games in said category were my games!

Nominated games were: The Last Door. Chapter 2. Memories., Icarus Needs, Samsara Room – and my games – Deeper Sleep, Don’t Escape and A small talk at the back of beyond.

Adventure Games voting ended on December 26th and the results have been announced shortly after – the proud winner is The Last Door. Chapter 2. Memories. by The Game Kitchen. Congratulation guys, you well deserve it!

You can check out the result page here.

 If I’m correct the main contest is still going on as I write this… voting for the Game of the Year ends today, January 3rd (You can vote for Strike Force Heroes 2 or Kingdom Rush Frontiers) and the results will be announced on January 4th.


Armor Games - Games of the Year - Finalist badge

So, despite having 3 titles in Adventure category none of my games has won. But I’ve been given this cool badge so I got that going for me, which is nice :D

so I got that going for me



2 Responses

  1. ntb

    Well, you got 3 games into the contest, while the other developers only got one each.

    And if you sum each % you have 48% and that’s a comfortable first place.
    You didn’t win only because the votes were dispersed between your games. But that means you made MANY and GREAT games so, Congrats :)

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