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The University wants you to go to the town of Nowe Monasterzysko and lead the excavations in the area of an old cemetery. Inspect, dig, excavate! Find hidden ruins, clear and identify your finds, buy upgrades and manage your excavation!


Don't Escape 3Don’t Escape 3

I woke up with a terrible headache, like if someone hit my head really hard. I had no idea what I didn’t like more: the fact that I woke up in the ship’s airlock or the fact that the computer was counting down to something…


Don't Escape 2Don’t Escape 2

The whole outbreak started over two weeks ago and it’s been getting worse ever since. We decided to stay in this abandoned building for a while. We needed to rest and sleep. A huge horde of the living dead is coming this way… They will reach us by the sunset. I have to lock this place up before that happens and maybe – just maybe – I will live to see another day.


The Deepest SleepThe Deepest Sleep

Here you are, at the final depth. Danger lurks behind every corner, even the Shadow People are afraid of this place. Will you be able to get back to the surface and wake up? Or will you remain here forever?

The last part of the Deep Sleep trilogy.



Deeper Sleep

Deeper Sleep

Will you be able to find a way out of this nightmare… again? Or, maybe on the contrary – will you go even deeper?

A sequel to an award-winning horror point-and-click game Deep Sleep.


Don't Escape

Don’t Escape

I woke up in a room… It is not locked and I remember everything. I’m a werewolf. Tonight I will turn and people will die, unless I find a way to prevent myself from escaping this place.

Game created for #1GAM (May)


Primal SandsPrimal Sands

Your ship has crash-landed on an unknown desert planet. Use your MPTU (Multi-Purpose Tank Unit) to repair your vessel and defend it from attacking alien life forms!

Game created for #1GAM (April)


One Way Dungeon

One Way Dungeon

Run through the dungeon, jump over traps, slay monsters… oh just one more thing – you can’t stop!

Game created for #1GAM (March)


A small talk at the back of beyondA small talk at the back of beyond

You wake up. Alone, in a dark room. Alone? No, there is someone talking to you through a console. Will you respond?

Game created for #1GAM (February)


400 Years 400 Years

A calamity is coming and you embark on a journey to stop it. You only have 400 years.

Game created for #1GAM (January)



Deep Sleep


Deep Sleep

You are stuck inside a nightmare dream. Can you escape?
Game created for Jayisgame’s 10th Casual Game Design Competition


Ancient history

Meteor LaunchMeteor Launch

On a remote tropical island far, far away there lived a boy who loved stargazing.  One of the stars have suddenly fallen right on his island. The boy decided to send the star back into space to make it happy and shine bright again!



Gates of Logic

Gates of Logic

Gates of Logic is a mix of platform and a puzzle game.  On every level player finds set of gates, inputs and outputs on the walls, connected with each other with wires. Using gates such as AND, OR etc. player has to achieve desired state on the output in order to advance.

87 Responses

  1. Christopher

    Is it possible to make One Way Dungeon 2? One way dungeon is so fun.

  2. iiifiowio

    hey script welder are there diffrent endings going to be in the 4 dont escape exept for dying

  3. sal

    another thing, make more dont escape games, like one in a town where there is gonna be a volcano eruption, or a one that u need to survive a ticking bomb on an aircraft, i would honestly like to see one of my ideas, thx

  4. sal

    can you guys make a dungeon game that u can move around the dungeon and have pokemon like battles and boss battles, and make a survival game too
    that would be nice, thx

  5. Ameet

    Your games are amazing! You have a very special gift!

  6. Gabriel

    Are you going to make more games like Deep sleep serie?

  7. Pito

    Out of curiosity, are all three of the don’t escape games connected? and is the first one connected to deep sleep? or was there just a reference?

  8. iWOKE

    It would be amazing to see the traveler from the 2nd installment continue his journey in the deep sleep plans to hopefully come.

  9. The Deep Sleep series is the best horror game I’ve played ever! I hope the series is continuing….:)

    • Christopher

      it won’t be according to scripwelder the trilogy is over but the deep sleep universe is far from over!

  10. kole


  11. kole


  12. Ryan

    Scriptwelder, your games are amazing, certainly astonishing design and artwork, with your expertise, anyone could learn from you, keep up the good work, your games are what I feel as a gateway to simpler yet cunning strategy games, choices matter and you make players think, I would shake your hand if I could!

  13. i like all of the dont escapes games and i loved it

  14. d

    sidereal plexus

  15. atk

    Does anything special happen when you put the tiger plushy to cody’s bed in the deeper sleep?

  16. Christopher

    will there be a Deep sleep 4? Because I’m confused on the ending of the 3rd game it needs to be explained.

    • scriptwelder

      The trilogy is complete, but the universe of Deep Sleep is far from being done.

      • LMC

        We are waiting for games similar to deep sleep and dont escape. They were amazing and so different than the games people make now a days. Please come out with more.

      • Frank

        Wow, really? I’m so happy to hear that because I thought you concluded the whole thing. Do you have any plans for when the next Deep Sleep will be finished?

      • Christopher

        Thats good to here. So will it be like deep sleep but with a different character.

  17. mommy

    Just played and finished Deep Sleep

    could you possibly make a second on plz because i really love that game

    • scriptwelder

      Have you played Deeper Sleep and The Deepest Sleep yet? ;)

      • blue

        hey when don’t escape 4 comes out can you only get it on stem because my computer doesn’t cooperate on stem it doesn’t allow me to download most games could you also make it so you can play it without using stem

        • scriptwelder

          At this point I can’t answer that question – but I sure hope to expand beyond Steam at some point. Everything depends on how successful the game will be.

  18. miep

    Please make more Horror-escapegames like deep sleep, it was the best onlinegame i´ve ever played! :)

  19. personne

    Thank you very much for these good games.

  20. Paragone

    Hey man! I loved playing through your Deep Sleep series, and I was wondering if it could be ported or played on mobile somehow, because I really think those markets would be a lot better if they had games as the one’s you make, instead of the thousands of Candy Crush, etc copies. Could it be played with a Flash emulator with the .sfw? And if it will not get ported or anything like that, is there a place where I could find the .sfw file to test if it works on Android?

  21. OpticSkyWolf14

    Hey Scriptwelder! Gotta say I reallllly love your games. Point and click games and strategy games are my favorite kinda PC games and yours are brilliant! I still can’t figure out how to beat the don’t escape series, but that’s not a bad thing; well made! As others have mentioned, I seriously cannot wait for don’t escape 4, I love horror games and point and click adventures and yours are the best! My only suggestion is to keep making more horror games/point and click adventures.

  22. Smellmeh

    Your games scriptwelder are really good. Deep Sleep series, Don’t Escape series, and A small talk at the back of beyond are my favorite games you made. Can’t wait for Don’t Escape 4, and i have to say, it looks really different compared to 1, 2, and 3. To be honest, it looks like you really improved your gameplay.
    Ill be playing Don’t Escape 4 when it comes out, keep up the good work! :)

    I have a question scriptwelder. (If you can find this comment) Will Don’t Escape 4 be the last game in the series? Or will there be more to come? Not saying i want the series to end, im just curious is all. (I mentioned this question in your Don’t Escape 4 news, but i thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask it here.)

  23. Austin Krynicki

    I am currently making a game sort of like “A Small Talk at the Back of Beyond” but it’s about you being stranded on Earth after all the life forms on Earth were “shipped” to a new planet that is like Earth called Kalakah. you are there so that you can see if Earth can support life and if new life has arisen. Your only contact is through a half-broken data pad you found alongside so bones in a cave. You talk to a person who is just an AI and trying to keep you from leaving… do you trust him or not? You’ll have to just wait…

  24. flyfloo

    Your adventure games are very special, and great for its awesome atmosphere. Keep doing good job. More adventues like games please :)

  25. Dalas

    So… Is Don’t Escape 3 a sequel of sorts to Primal Sands? Great game!

  26. ballkrissz

    You can’t make more games like “A small talk”?

  27. kiefac

    The Deep Sleep series was great, like everyone said, but I really like the concept of “A small talk in the back of beyond”. Do you think you could make more like it?

    Spoiler! Show
  28. Elliot

    I love your games!! The deep sleep trilogy is by far my favorite but I love don’t escape as well, it’s such an original idea, keep it up!

    Will you ever make a sequel to a small talk at the back of beyond? Because I really liked the concept of it. Also, what program do you use to make these games? I have so many more questions but I don’t want to ask too many, I mean, you probably wont answer them at all, but it’s worth a try :)

    Keep it up!

  29. Frankola

    I really like the style of your games. I’ve attempted creating some adventure games in the past. What engine do you use? (I read flashdevelop, but I’m talking about the actual engine.)

  30. A curious individual

    Hello, no idea if you still reply to these but I figured it’s worth a shot to leave a comment since I’m not so big on mailing or other media. I’m really curious about the idea behind the sleep series, would you be willing to disclose what prompted you to make such games?

  31. Max

    I Really loved 400 Years. I can’t get enough of that game. :D

  32. Emory

    Ever since I played A Small Talk, you’ve been a huge inspiration to me as an aspiring game designer!! All your stuff is original and beautifully executed and I’d love to create something as awesome as yours someday ` w `

  33. johnny

    I played deep sleep 1, 2 and 3. Great great games!!!
    But didnt understand in deep sleep 3 what was that stain on the floor in the storeroom seem to be a face of a woman, or was I imagining things?
    400 years has a great concept, but slow movements.
    Keep on doing great work. I want to work on games too, but the art thing, game art, programing is not my forte.

  34. Johnny

    The “Deep Sleep” series was amazing and left me craving more… Please, you must make another game like that: philosophical, creepy, thought-provoking and challenging (but not TOO challenging, this game already challenges our sanity enough).
    My only regret of playing this game is wanting more, because there are almost no other games like this one (even the simple 8-bit graphics). Another downside to the game is that some parts were TOO open. In “Deeper Sleep” I spent at least half an hour (I am not very bright sometimes) looking for the last piece of the note.

    Spoiler! Show

    Also, it took the better half of an hour to find out that FLOUR was the last thing that goes in the sack. I hope that wasn’t just me ._.

  35. Scripwelder's Servant

    OMG, Deepest Sleep was creepy! I expect to see more, my master!

  36. Luca

    Dear Scriptwelder,

    I am a massive fan of your games, especially the deep sleep series and the “don’t escape” game. They are really clever and innovative and made very well. You have a massive potential to be famous and successful.

    Keep up the good work


  37. Timur Ali

    Hi there,I played one of your games called Primal Sands and absolutely loved it.
    In fact I have already finished it 3 times already in 3 days,and am going to play it quite a few times more yet :)
    I wanted to make a couple of suggestions.Firstly I was wondering if you have any plans of making a second part to the game,and secondly if it is possible to play the game in full screen.

  38. Aryan

    your games are very creative. iv played all of them and waiting for more.
    your pixel graphic is very nice and sound tracks , story …. everything is perfect. iv got frightened playing deeper sleep when the white creepy creature came up :D
    i didn’t get scared more than that when i saw a group of 6 real wolfs in my 100 meters!!!
    i suggest you to make money out of your amazing games.
    you have the potential.

  39. animesalvadoor

    I LOVE THE GAME DEEPER SLEEP!!!What is the intro song called almost everyone wants to know(I know that F-777 hasn’t published it,but please tel me)?

  40. david

    i love all your games

  41. SomaCruz11

    will you make any new game?

  42. Ashika

    I love ‘A small talk’. Haven’t seen the rest of your games, but shall change that soon :). Will you be adding anything to ‘A small talk’? Like some additional responses of the AI?

    • scriptwelder

      I’m afraid not, sorry; I’ve already added lots of suggestions – I’ve stopped few months ago. I couldn’t keep on doing it as it was very time-consuming… I guess it was time to move on to other projects.

      • Ashika

        Too bad. Still, great game. How can I buy it? Or could you put your account number somewhere for people who like to pay for things they like? (and no, we’re not talking great sums ;P)

        BTW Just played ‘400 years’ and I can’t believe it hasn’t received any kind of prize for innovation. It’s incredible.

  43. Esteban

    i can’t wait to play deep sleep part 3

  44. Nironia

    Deep Sleep was terrifying and Don’t Escape quite unique. Don’t stop making these amazing games, you’re in my books with Psionic, Hyptosis and Mateusz Skutnik.

  45. Francisco Amador

    Your games are really great, I played in armor games.
    Sleep Deep scare me hehehe a Small talk made me to think twice my choise,
    No scape keep me trying again to improve and 400 years I played long time ago,
    but I didn’t have idea that you was the staff behind the game.

    Keep working your games are great and I love the graphics.

  46. Philip

    just played a small talk i cried….exelent game

  47. One Way Dungeon and 400 Years really great game.

  48. Lucas

    MANNN!!!! I just finished playing 400 years a talk from the back of beyond and Primal Sands (my favotie) I love your games keep up all the awesome work!!!

  49. axel

    please keep doing such a good job!

  50. Crow

    Thank you for making these games. I was on Armorgames and I hadn’t found anything with a good story until I had played Deep Sleep. That was, and still is, my favorite game on Armorgames, hands down. I still have not found any game there so story-centered. I thought you’d only made 400 Years and Deep Sleep. Both were good, but I just saw Primal Sands, One-Way Dungeon, and A Small Talk, so I’m going to play those now.

  51. Franz

    I’m playing Primal Sands.
    Reminds me of the beginning of Alien Breed Tower Assault.
    esp the lizard-like creatures :)
    Did you take inspiration from it?
    what a great game it was and what a great one is this, too.

  52. Kyle

    I have a bit of a question:

    I’ve played *part* of Deep Sleep (amazing game, by the way) and for the longest time I have been looking for the music you used, to no avail. Would you be be able to show me the pieces you found? I would greatly appreciate it!

  53. Bowie & Nikki Steutel

    We, Nikki (9) and Bowie (13) love your games!
    You’re really amazing!
    Keep up the good work!

  54. Francisco

    you are very known in Argentina! felicitaciones (don´t read it with mexican accent, it´s racist)

  55. james

    I played deep sleep and Astatbob. Both are awesome.Just to let you know.

  56. Lee

    ASTATBoB was actually surprisingly touching at the end. However, the only part of it that is really lacking is the low responsiveness of LDAC that is really restricting your use of words. I understand that it’s difficult to do this well, seeing that there are hundreds of word combinations, and everyone speaks differently. But, it is really the only thing that is stopping the game from being great.

  57. Osman

    So far your games are fantastic. Started playing when you put out Deep Sleep. Since Flash Games are usually not scary it was good to find something that made me jump. Then 400 years came by and I was amazed by the simplicity and complexity of the game. And then Small talk made go on for hours thinking of all the fun things to do with the AI. Keep it up Scriptwelder.

  58. Sergio

    Espectacular!!! Great Game!!! saludos desde Buenos Aires!

  59. Hello, I just finished 400 years and it’s awesome!!! I can’t stop replaying it now. You opened my eyes to the world of 2d puzzle games plz make more games like this!!!

  60. 400 Years est un titre à l’idée originale qui mériterait de devenir un jeu plus consistant. Comme “Narbacular Drop” à mené à “Portal”. http://indie-game.fr/400-years

  61. Franco

    hi, the other day I discovered the 400 years and the truth is the best game in the world!! followed by games like that! Greetings from ARGENTINA

  62. Bob


    Just played 400 Years…

    What! Amazing game. Totally transfixed the whole time. You gotta make more.

    Or like, I dunno, make a bigger version and sell it for millions. I’d buy it.

    Love it.

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