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My next games

Published on January 9, 2014, in Games.

Hello, Internet.

People have been asking me one particular question recently. This question has been repeated so many times I’ve decided to put an answer here… So, when is the 3rd Deep Sleep coming??? Not an easy one to answer, really. A couple of factors behind that statement.

One, I have a day job; creating Flash games isn’t all what I do.

Two, previous couple of months were really busy for me – see no blog posts in December and November?[*]

Three, the statement “making games one at the time” is false. I actually often start planning/sketching more than one project and then just decide which is the most interesting one.


My next game, 3rd Deep Sleep - locations layout

3rd Deep Sleep game – locations layout

So, the current situation with my next games is:

– I might do a Point-and-Click colab game with another Flash developer/artist.[**]

– Meanwhile, I’ve started working on 3rd Deep Sleep game. I’m planning out the whole game, designing riddles and world’s layout.


Right now I can’t give you anything more than a couple of facts about the next game.

Some minor spoilers ahead, be warned.


Spoiler! Show


Spoiler! Show


Spoiler! Show


Spoiler! Show


Spoiler! Show


Spoiler! Show


Spoiler! Show

  1. * I feel really bad about it []
  2. ** Might because it’s been a long time since I’ve been asked for it and I’m not sure if the offer is still valid. Shame on me if it’s not. []

10 Responses

  1. justin

    Im new 2 these games and i started yesterday but i beat them ALREADY and i really LOVE this game i wont stop playingit over agein but if you could PLEASE just try to make a new one then god bless you a thanks!And i will leave a spoiler if anyone wantsto know all 3 game endings! :)


  2. Dolermont

    Heck yeah we remember Bert, I guess he is going to be one of the reasons why we can die anywhere? (and thank you for this opportunity :D)

    Can’t wait for it. Alwaya-on flashlight is an awesome idea. I’ll be trying to distinguish some of the words on the locations sketch now :)

  3. animesalvadoor

    Finally the flashlight is out,but what sucks more IS THE FOUNTAIN PUZZLE UGHHH(well its an escape game so there has to be puzzles)!!!I CAN’T WAIT FOR DEEPEST SLEEP!!!

    Just need 1 more thing to add,and that would be the voices of IDK who?

  4. Kaelyn

    This game is a beautiful masterpiece…MWAH! x

  5. K-Grease


  6. Christian

    What/Who is Bert ? :/

  7. Kai

    This game series is so awesome. I have high hopes from you. I only wish I knew how to create flash games like these.

    May we get a tentative date for the game’s release? Just a guess? It doesn’t have to be accurate.

  8. Alec Bobinski

    The game is an absolute knockout! Do you happen to have any guides\tutorials on creating this sort of game in Flash? Thanks!

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