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Deeper Sleep

Published on September 15, 2013, by in Games.

Finally! It took a while (much longer than I’ve predicted, sorry!) but at last – Deeper Sleep has been published and can be played for free HERE.

Deeper Sleep is a direct sequel of Deep Sleep – my first point and click game from 2012, 10th Casual Gameplay Design Competition first place winner. After waking up from a failed lucid dream that turned into a nightmare, the main character can’t stop thinking about the possibility that the entire dream was real in some way… becomes obsessed with this idea. So, the decision is made to visit a local library, to see if there are any records of similar experiences…



Deeper Sleep[Click to play]

A sequel to an award-winning horror point-and-click game Deep Sleep.

Nightmare returns and this time it goes even deeper.


You can also read game’s review at Jayisgames + there is a text walkthrough for those who prefer text over video walkthroughs!

Kongregate and Newground users: I will upload the game to your favorite portals on Friday, following week!


Remember to play the game in proper setting: lights out, headphones on!


Few words on AdBlock fundraiser

So, here is my rant about the adblock fundraiser. First of all, I have to mention that my income is heavily dependent on ads so my point of view might be a bit biased. So would be the point of view of a shoemaker if everybody would suddenly be like “hey, let’s don’t pay for our shoes”.

I’ve been on holiday by the lake. 2 weeks, hardly any internet except for something like 1 kb/year on my tablet… so I couldn’t see much of what was up in the world wide web. One of the few news that made their way through was AdBlock fundraiser campaign (which truly shows how spammy they’ve got, since I’ve missed every other event).

At first I thought: “No point in talking about that. It would only spread their word even further” – and so I remained silent[*]. But the whole thing didn’t fade away and watching hundreds thousands of people blindly giving away their money in the name of ad-free internet is driving me beyond crazy.

Let’s even ignore how pathetically ironic it is to use ads to promote a way to stop them.

What shocks me the most is that people really, truly believe in “adlbock mission” to the point like if it was some kind of a sacred charity event![**]

I mean: what’s the f*** wrong with you people?

Let me elaborate. We live in a world where you buy stuff. Like, since the first caveman gave the other caveman a fish in exchange for his stone spear. You pay for stuff – this is a fact and it’s not very likely to change anytime soon. But the current state of mind for most of internet users is that you can have stuff for free. You get your daily news, send your emails, chat with friends, post embarrassing photos – and you only pay your internet provider, not for the actual services mentioned.

Now kids, let’s think for a moment – why would anyone give you stuff for free? In the name of a holy mission? Yyyyeah – Wikipedia does that. Others? You really believe Google and Facebook give you all those neat things because they are nice like that?

ad-free internet

I assume you already know where I’m going with this rant.

Ads are the treadmill of today’s internet. You get everything for free not because people are nice, but because you view their ads. Even if people are nice, they still need money to pay for their servers. To pay their workers. To pay a freaking rent. Even Wiki had to use ads to self-promote their fundraiser so they could keep going.

I’ve been talking about large companies like Google and Facebook but this issue also concerns small companies, indie devs and artists.

When you play a Flash game and you see an ad in it, this probably means the developer just got their $0.0001 or something. It costs you NOTHING yet you support the developer of the game simply by viewing the content – isn’t that great? Isn’t this like the best and most friendly market model?

Same thing with YouTube. You like your favorite shows but you watch them with adblock? Well, sorry but to me it’s not much different from pirating music and movies. You get your content, the artist gets nothing. In fact it’s even worse than piracy, because in this case you can’t say “I can’t afford this new album”, you can only say “I don’t give a damn”. [***]

Here are some random thoughts:

1. You hate when ads cover 90% of the site? Stop using the site and find an alternative. There is always at least one.

2. You hate when ads mess up with your computer or try to give you viruses? Stop using shady pirate sites.

3. You deliberately don’t want a YouTuber to get paid for an ad you view? Stop using the internet. You’re a horrible person. That’s what it says: a horrible person. We weren’t even testing for that.

4. No, internet can’t run on donations.

5. You like your e-mail, YouTube cat videos and silly Flash games free? Accept the presence of ads. Or use paid services instead.

If you’re reading my blog, chances are you probably like my games. I love making games but I also love having a roof over my head and food in my fridge – and I need those to keep going. Some of my games are sponsored by various Flash portals like Armor Games. They also earn money on ads and this is the only reason they are interested in paying me for my work.[****]

If I don’t get money from ads and sponsors I can either A) starve B) find myself a broom and start sweeping streets because it’s the only thing I can do other than games or C) start making paid games.

I’m not going to hate you for using adblock – I’m far from that. And I’m not going to beg you not to use adblock, make no mistake. Do whatever you want. Think for yourself. Just ask yourself a question:

Do you want an ad-free internet or a free internet? Because those two don’t go well together.

And think twice before you support anything, even if it has a shiny website with cool buttons.

  1. *  This, plus I really didn’t like the idea of climbing that mountain again to the Place Where The Internet Occasionally Is in order to send my tweet. []
  2. ** Which only proves that a good web-design with a modern looking catchwords could easily make bio-weapons approved by the society with a smile on every face. They would just need to find a good font and make the whole thing look “casual” enough. []
  3. *** Speaking of piracy, if you’re a fan of pirated games, movies and music, I at least hope you don’t use adblock. Warez and torrent sites are heavily dependent on their ads. So you either want them to keep going or you’re a double-douchebag []
  4. **** It’s not that I blame them for that or anything. That’s how things work. []
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My take on Let’s Play and walkthrough videos

Let’s Play videos and video-walkthroughs are becoming more and more popular… To the point where the most popular channels on YouTube are the channels with Let’s Plays (aka playthroughs).

Things are looking great – people who make those videos, make money on ads. People who watch those videos can find new great games to play. Unfortunately, this is another example of technology developing faster than the laws that are meant to control it. I’m talking about the copyrights issue, as some people claim that putting a game footage on YouTube isn’t any different from uploading a Hollywood movie there. And as it IS absurd, the situation – from the legal perspective – is FAR from being clear.

I think it’s going to be a longer while before the law catches up with the reality.

Until then, since I’ve been asked a couple of times if it’s OK if someone makes a video with my game, here is my official statement made on Twitter:

YouTube Let's Play Videos Statement

I know this coming from a small Flash game developer might look a bit over the top, but trust me – I wouldn’t post this if I was not getting such inquiries every once in a while.

Anyway, I make games for people to play and my revenue comes from those games; I do not consider YouTube videos to be a threat or violation of my IP. If anything, I consider them to be great promotion and advertisement of my works. In fact, I love watching most of those videos; it’s not only fun to see strangers struggling with my puzzles (or jump-scares, hehe), it also delivers priceless, incredibly useful feedback, which lets me see my design flaws and what could have been done better.

My only request for you, dear letsplayers,  is that you put a link to the actual game somewhere in the video or in description. It lets people who watch your video play the game if they want to. And if you link to a portal where my game displays ads on the loading screen  (like Newgrounds) – I’ll get my slice of the cake too!

Also, make sure to drop me a line on twitter so I can watch your playthrough :)

So, grab your microphone, plug your webcam and play games!