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The Next Don’t Escape game!

Published on March 20, 2016, in Games.

I’m really proud to announce that scriptwelder studio is joining forces with Armor Games to bring you the next Don’t Escape game!

What is it going to be about? When will it come out? How long will it be? Whoa, wait! While it’s still very early in development process and lots of things might change, I’ve got some details for you that are more or less certain:

  • The game will be developed by scriptwelder and published by Armor Games
  • Full title is yet to be announced, current working title is just “Don’t Escape”
  • Unlike all previous installments, it’s not going to be a web game.
  • Instead, we’re aiming at a full-featured game with long hours of gameplay content
  • Because of that, the developement will take some time
  • While Don’t Escape predecessors shared 1st person perspective view with static screens, the new game will feature a classic point-and-click gameplay
  • No deadline is currently set so please be patient like a Moai statue :)

Does it mean no Flash this time? Yup, Unity engine will be used for the upcoming Don’t Escape game instead of good old Flash for several technical reasons that I won’t dwell on here.

Does it mean it will land on Steam? That’s exactly the plan! Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Like on Facebook to get all the latest news!

Finally, a handful of production screenshots and a bonus Vine!

Don't Escape - dev screenshot 01

Don't Escape - dev screenshot 02

Don't Escape - dev screenshot 03 

16 Responses

  1. Jack


  2. Moongoose

    YES!!!! I hope you finally get the credit and the fame you deserve. Yours are some of the best games I’ve ever played, even better than most of my favourite AAA titles. I feel lucky to have found your amazing works. You can think of me as a fanboy, but it’s not for no reason that I am one!

  3. Franciszek

    Nie wiedziałem że jesteś polakiem :)

  4. floppyapple


  5. Adam Garman

    Great work, scriptwelder! I will definitely be playing.

  6. Joe

    The game looks cool itself, Your Don’t escape series we’re amazing, Don’t Escape 3 was my favourite, not because of the fact that your on an deserted spaceship trying to be rescued, but the fact that there is a interesting story behind the murders of your spacecrew members and the plot twist that *Spoiler Alert* Your the actual killer of the ship caught me surprised

  7. […] games already takes a lot of time, money, and effort. The next Don’t Escape game won’t be for the web, and according to your blog, it’s going to be much longer than the […]

  8. SLAS

    Why Steam? Why not some DRM-free solution like GoG?

  9. VASH581

    Awesome! I’ve always love don’t escape series. But will this one still free to play?

    • scriptwelder

      No, but it also will be much longer and bigger than previous Don’t Escape games :)

      • whatuphorror

        sw I need some help making my new horror game this is my first one and I don’t know how to do it so plz help me

  10. Eli the Mango

    Awesome! So excited. I’m a huge fan of your work, I’m excited to see what you’ll create next. :)

  11. Smellmeh

    Looks really cool, keep up the good work! :)

    Hey Scriptwelder, i have a question. Will this be the last Don’t escape game? Or will there be more to come. Not saying i want the Don’t escape series to end, just curious.

  12. Huddinge

    Cool stuff. I’ll be waiting tensely. Don’t fuck up.

  13. mrspacebros

    can’t wait

  14. Mário

    Can’t fuckin WAIT!

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