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Tools of the trade

Because many people have been asking me what programs do I use, here’s the list:

Programs I use to make games:

  • Coding
    • Unity – I don’t have to introduce that game engine to anyone, right? I’m using it to create my yet biggest upcoming game, Don’t Escape.
    • FlashDevelop it’s an amazing open-sourced IDE that uses Adobe’s Flex SDK to build ActionScript 3.0 applications. I’ve used it to create my Flash games. It’s  free so grab it before meteors wipe us out!
  • Graphics
    •  Aseprite is probably the best pixelart tool out there. Really easy to use with a lot of powerful options and presets. It’s paid but there’s a free trail so you can check it out for free! It’s also available on Steam with automatic updates.
    • GraphicsGale Free Edition is great for creating pixel art assets, mostly because it’s specifically designed for that purpose. It’s free, but you can also buy more powerful version if you need.
    • Paint.NET is a really awesome and powerful tool comparable with Photoshop, yet ∞ times cheaper, because it’s free! Feature list is long, but it can get even longer with use of multiple useful plugins!
  • Audio mixing
    • Audacity – I’m not an audio guy but this program is great even for simple things like mixing and adjusting audio levels.
  • For Flash games I also recommend using secureSWF to make decompilers lives harder!

Resources for your games:

The internet if full of great resources… some of them not only great but also free! Here is a short list of the best ones I use.

  • Sounds
    • freesound.org – HUGE site with all the sounds you can possibly imagine. They have different licenses, varying from free-for-personal-use, through attribution licenses, to completely free public domain sounds.
  • Music
    • incompetech.com – Kevin MacLeod, need I say anything more? He makes music in all genres and moods – and you can use each of his tracks for free! You just have to credit him somewhere in your project.
  • Art
    • cgtextures.com – awesome archive of free textures. You can use them for almost any purpose (except for scrapbooks and such).
    • opengameart.org – an interesting site with user uploaded content. Some textures, some pixelart and other useful stuff.

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